Cam Roegner – Milwaukee Brewers

In just one offseason working with Dan, I went from having chronic shoulder aches and pains to being able to throw pain free everyday. He has extensive knowledge about baseball specific training, but it is his ability to listen to his athletes, assess our needs, and develop a proper training plan to meet those needs that separates him from other trainers. I told Dan I wanted a lifting program and throwing program that, one, would help me get and stay healthy and, two, gain velocity if it would not get in the way of my health. In 4 months I feel as healthy as I ever have and ready for spring training.



Jim Jarecki – Valparaiso University Commit

I have worked with Dan for the past couple years as both my strength and pitching coach. Not only is he one of the best coaches I have ever worked with, he makes every day more fun yet challenging than the last. Personally after my freshman year of college, my velocity dropped from 89 MPH to 84 MPH. After working with Dan through drills, workouts, and video analysis, I got up to 92 MPH just a few months later. Dan exercises individuality among all his athletes and, most importantly, makes going to workout fun.




 Richard Rayborn – Father of Lexi Rayborn

My daughter, a high level fast-pitch softball player, started speed and agility training four years ago when she was thirteen. Over time her training progressed to include strength training. Daniel tailored a fitness program that provides a total body workout and focuses on arm strength, throw speed and reaction time. During the four years we have worked with Daniel, the athleticism that my daughter displays has improved dramatically. Daniel also helped her realize how important physical fitness is, which has positively changed my daughter’s attitude and mental approach to training. I can’t keep her out of the gym! I recommend Daniel to any athlete who is serious about reaching a high level of performance in their sport.




 Eli Sievert – University of Arkansas at Little Rock

I have tried a variety of programs with different “pitching guys” but never got where I wanted to be. Now finally with Dan I have something that’s specifically designed for me and something that actually works. They’ve made it really easy for me to do the program 1,000 miles away by adjusting the program with equipment I have available so I can get the most out of the program. Everything is laid out and anything I need they adjust it to work for me. I had never hit 92 mph before working with Dan but in our first scrimmage of the year I was sitting at 92 consistently. I credit that 100% to Dan!



 Justin Stollberg – John A. Logan College

The last three years that I have had the privilege of working with Dan have been some of the most rewarding in my life. Dan is not only incredibly gifted and knowledgeable with what he does, but he also makes working with him fun and enjoyable. Even during my time in college training remotely through Dan, he is always a text message away to help with anything and serve as another coach for me. During my senior year of high school, Dan played a huge role in helping me overcome a UCL injury that should have required Tommy John surgery. In one month I went from rehabbing to throwing the hardest I ever had in my life, ready to take on my freshman year of college baseball. Over the time I have trained with Dan I have gained an incredible amount of strength and have learned to throw at a high level. This is why, two years later, I have never had to worry about any elbow pain, it’s like I never injured it in the first place. I have always been an extremely hard worker, but the one thing that really helped me utilize all of my hard work was combining that with Dan’s incredible knowledge about the game of baseball and strength training. Everything he implements in throwing or strength work is backed by research, so that athletes are not only training efficiently but also safely. This can go for any athlete of any ability or level… if you are willing to put in the work, Dan’s work will benefit you greatly. I look forward to working with Dan throughout the rest of my baseball career, it’s one of the best investments will ever make in baseball career.


 Jeff Crabtree – Father of Hailey Crabtree, Loyola University Chicago

Our daughter has been in your program for 1 year and has seen dramatic changes in her strength, stamina and endurance. Hailey has increased her overhand velocity from the mid 50’s to 65+ mph and her goal is to reach 70 mph her senior year in high school. Because of her hard work and the care that you have shown in her development as an athlete, she earned a D1 Athletic Scholarship to play softball at Loyola University in Chicago once she graduates from High School.

As much as I would like to focus only on the strides she has made athletically, I would be ignorant if I did not mention what you have meant to her personally. You have been a person that she often describes as a “big brother” and someone that she can talk to about many different things, which is so important when dealing with the “mental side” of sports and life in general when you are a teenager. You have left a lasting impression not only in the care that you have given her during her training, but your passion in wanting her to succeed on and off the field is something Hailey will always remember; hopefully she can impact younger athletes as you did for her. I believe that is the ultimate compliment that everyone in your profession should strive for.